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A modern. Classy, conveniently located hotel offering the best of hospitality services ranging form fine dining, comfy accommodation, executive conferencing , Game drives and Excursions + so much more. Welcome any day, anytime.

They Call it -the Gem- because it is.

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About -the Gem.

At Two Oceans Hotel we take care of your the first-class holiday experience: luxury hotel rooms, great services, and the best hotel staff. Our resort is your dream place to immerse into atmosphere of relaxation and try lots of exciting activities and as you explore our wide range of services.

Be sure you’ll have fun with the best excursions, amazing events and fascinating tours here!

Rooms & Suites

Our assets are first-class rooms with breathtaking views, excellent service and genuine hospitality. We are a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures!

Experience the Best.

Our mission is enriching people’s lives with pleasant vacation moments and memories. Lots of extended services, amenities and special offers are our backup in fulfilling the dream of a perfect holiday for every guest.

  • Rooftop BBQ spots
  • Balcony hill views
  • Terrace Restaurant
  • Conference rooms
  • Coffee,Pizza, Burger Units
  • Game Drives

Elegant & Stunning

We are a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures!

The Art of Dining

Taste masterpieces of the world cuisine under the golden sun of voi: enjoy fine dishes and wines at our gourmet restaurant. Exquisite menu offerings are perfected with vibrant soft music and breathtaking hills view. Pure dining paradise! Sample a range of cuisines at our disposal too.

  • African cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • British cuisine + much more

Get in Touch

Every moment of your journey is important for us and that is exactly why we want to be sure you’ve enjoyed the stay at -the Gem. Leave your feedback to help us be better for you or share your sunny memories and holiday experience.

We appreciate and gladly welcome your opinion and comments! 


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