Our Restaurant

A High-class gourmet restaurant. The most admired and exquisite dishes. Outstanding service.
Pure enjoyment in a calm , exciting and hygienic environment served by the best of professionals

African Cuisine

Yes it’s Africa. Get nicely prepared ugali, chapatis, baked pastas, medicinal veges and delicate salads that is part of the incredibly diverse African cuisine, This is definitely a desire, talking of the superb African dining experience.

Colors & Food Art

We know, Colorful, spicy and flavorsome cuisine appeals to eye and taste. Fall to its temptation and relish hearty soups, fresh-prepared salad, grilled meat and wash over with iconic tequila cocktails or so.

British & Continental Cuisine

World-renowned classy dishes drawing inspirations from the west and so forth served on your table or in your room for breakfast and on order:with variety of ingredients. Simplicity and delight are key!

Swahili Cuisine

Exotic spices, vegetables and various paste… We serve Pilau, Great rice, or vegetable specialties and many more famous dishes of Swahili Cuisine.

Of course there is much more to explore from our diverse menu. Have a glimpse at what you should expect plus much more tantalizing delicacies. Among others enjoy, Our Pizzas, Burgers, spicy Chicken wings, etc.

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