Terms & Conditions

The Management advises you to kindly adhere.

  1. Check-in time is 1400 Hrs.
  2. Check-out time is 1200 Hrs.
  3. The guest(s) acknowledge joint and several liability for all services rendered until full  settlement of bills.
  4. Guest(s) will be held responsible for any loss or damage to hotel property caused by themselves, their friend(s) or any person(s) for whom they are responsible.
  5. Nothing herein above constitutes or be deemed to constitute any tenancy or sub-tenancy or any right of tenancy or sub-tenancy or any  right or interest in the  hotel premises or any  part or position thereof in favor of any guest or resident or  visitor. 
  6. The  company shall  always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession and control of the whole of the hotel  premises.
  7. The management reserves to itself the right to add, alter or amend any of the above  terms, conditions and rules. 
  8. Visitors not allowed post 10 PM  in guest rooms.
  9. The hotel reserves the right charge per night cancellation fee should you cancel any nights from your originally intended length of stay.
  10. The undersigned agrees that all information displayed is accurate. 
  11. The undersigned agrees to make immediate payment of all charges incurred upon receipt of statement or on departure, any charges after departure will be charged to the method of payment marked and a statement will be forwarded by post